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Bear with me – I am a novice to the blog world and will most likely make some “blog faux pas” along the way! Some of the cooking blogs I’ve been reading are extremely intimidating, but I am going to give it my best shot.

My name is Cindi and I live in Southern California with my husband. I was a late bloomer when it came to cooking and pretty clueless in the kitchen. The idea of getting dinner on the table either meant opening a can from an inadequate pantry or retrieving an unrecognizable crystallized package from the freezer. I didn’t even know how to spell balsamic and thought extra virgin olive oil was possibly made from olive trees grown on the grounds of a convent.

My husband and I are empty nesters – well not quite “empty,” since we substituted Buttons, our adorable Shih-Tzu/Terrier when our son finished school and moved out.

IMG_0009 This is when I started developing a passion for cooking. I have always been more of a visual learner, so with the plethora of televised cooking shows, I was able to learn some basics and dug out some old dusty family recipes to try. I also had to get my kitchen in shape for my new found avocation.

After disposing of spices and condiments that may have been around when The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, cans that have been through more than a few California aftershocks, cheese that could produce penicillin, and pretty much everything else in the pantry, freezer and refrigerator, I slowly restocked the kitchen with the true necessities. My intent was to make simple delicious meals using the highest caliber and freshest ingredients available. I educated myself in topics like storing food and shelf life, which is not very glamorous, but essential in the kitchen. I do not have a particularly large or practical galley kitchen. My “triangle” is more of an obtuse triangle, with the refrigerator at one end several steps from the stove and sink. I limit equipment to what is truly needed, like a good knife ( I’ll save my emergency room visit about my “good knife” for a different post). OK my kitchen was ready, but I certainly wasn’t.

I needed some inspiration. I definitely didn’t see myself turning out Martha Stewart masterpieces, since I knew I didn’t have the patience for her intimidating, albeit incredible recipes. I believe the turning point was watching Ina Garten. She made cooking seem fun and possible, especially for a fledgling cook as myself. I actually found some success when first attempting her recipes. Of course, those “first recipes” were things like Roasted Asparagus and Roasted Shrimp Orzo, which I think my husband could make, even though to this day when I call him on my way home from work and ask him to preheat the oven, I still have to go through the grueling steps. Nevertheless, I gained confidence and hope for my cooking and actually felt I had potential.

Living in Southern California facilitated my new passion, since quality ingredients are available year round. After months of experimenting, which included a handful of successes and more than a handful of debacles, prompting my husband to ask, “what’s that smell,” I was able to reach a point where I did not have to spend hours in the kitchen all the time to turn out delicious meals. Many of the recipes in this blog will be recipes you can make after work which won’t require a lot of preparation or time, and some will be the type you save for the weekend. After all Thyme is of the Essence!!

I look forward to sharing recipes, stories and tips on this blog and hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, goodness knows there are thousands of other blogs to read.


13 thoughts on “about me-thyme to blog

  1. Amy Ellzey on said:

    What a great site! I love the fun, informative and great-looking posts! I can’t wait to take the time to make some of these recipes. You make it so easy not to fail! Keep on blogging!

  2. Love the picture of 100-100 and can’t wait to read your posts!

  3. can I get an autograph

  4. Jan Quan on said:

    Loved the site!!!Easy to read, easy to relate, funny as hell, you are like the comic cook !! I felt like I was listening to you in person!!!Food sounds yummy!Let me know what thyme dinner will be :0) Jan

  5. Courtney Kurowski on said:

    Cindi-Your blog is great. I’m going to try to follow it more often! Keep up the good work!!

  6. Wow, I never thought my sister would be such a celebrity. Her recipes, with the narration and photos, are wonderful. I might even emulate her and clean out our pantry and start over like she did. I’ll have to ask for her autograph the next time I see her.


    • Finding Thyme to Cook on said:

      Thanks buddy – it’s fun to do – a little more work when I cook now, but it’s OK. I’ll treat you and Kathy to some yummy things on your visit. Look through the recipes on the blog and see if there is anything special you want me to cook!!!

  7. This is pretty cool..wish I knew about it sooner…I’ll be visiting a whole lot now…I like to cook something new every Sunday so I will be trying some of your dishes and I’ll keep you posted how it works out!

  8. Hi! Just discovered your site via a friend! Can’t wait to check it out more. Great recipes and awesome pix!

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