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Thyme is of the Essence

sausage pancake sticks

Sometimes our neighborhood seems like it is straight out of the 50s and we have great neighbors.  We often see kids playing in the yards, riding skateboards, bikes, and scooters down the street, with parents close by keeping a watchful eye on everyone – we even have Block Parties!!  On our frequent walks, many neighbors stop to chat, pet the dog and see what is going on with our lives.  The Los Angeles area isn’t known for “Leave it to Beaver” neighborhoods, and we know how fortunate we are to live in one.  Our next door neighbors are probably at the top of our list.  They are kind, generous and always make time for everyone, including us.  Whether it’s helping us unload a 53″ TV into the house, providing us with the best Gumbo around courtesy of dad who is from New Orleans, or visiting on Sunday evenings with the twin girls – the youngest of their six kids.   I don’t know how they always have time for anyone, since the children are home-schooled and seem to be involved in every activity under the sun, including choirs, plays, church, music camps, sports, science camps . . . it’s amazing to me how they keep up with everything!!  They often go to Lake Arrowhead for family trips, and on one visit, they brought us back a gift from The Belgian Waffle Works in Lake Arrowhead.  I don’t think they know how much my husband loves waffles – it was the perfect gift.   For this recipe, I used it in place of the pancake mix.  When I saw the Pioneer Woman make these on TV, I knew I had to try them that weekend . . . which I did!!

Here is the recipe . . . it makes a lot (best suited for our next door neighbors), so I cut in half and still had leftovers!!

•    16 breakfast sausage links – cooked

•    3 cups pancake mix
•    1 cup yellow cornmeal
•    sprinkle of cinnamon
•    ½ teaspoon vanilla
•    1 large egg – slightly beaten
•    3 cups water
•    canola oil for frying
•    maple syrup – warmed
•    wooden chopsticks

Cook the sausages. . .

Waffle and Pancake Mix!!!

In a large bowl, combine pancake mix, cornmeal and cinnamon. 

Stir to combine.

Add eggs, vanilla and water (½ cup at a time), stirring as you go.  Batter should be thick but manageable to dip.

Heat some canola oil in a large pot over medium-high heat to 350 degrees.

Insert chopsticks into cooked sausage links about 2/3 way through.

Dip the sausages into the batter and allow excess to drip off.

Carefully drop into oil (stick and all) and make sure they stay submerged.

You may have to hold them down carefully or use tongs.

When they are golden brown – about 3 minutes, remove and drain on paper towel.

Serve with warm maple syrup.

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