Finding Thyme to Cook

Thyme is of the Essence

Fahrenheit / Celsius

Temperature Conversion

Fahrenheit (degrees)                                                        Celsius/Centigrade (degrees)

0                                                                                                                     -17

32                                                          water freezes                                  0


115                                                   water simmers                                 46

130                                                 water scalds                                       54

212                                                 water boils                                        100


250-275                                        very slow oven                           121-133

300-325                                        slow oven                                       149-163

350-375                                        moderate oven                             177-190

400-425                                        hot oven                                           204-218

450-475                                        very hot oven                                232-246

500-525                                        extremely hot**                          260-274


** if you heat an oven this high, make sure it is thoroughly clean, it won’t be pretty.


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